Tips On How To Maintain Your Mini Refrigerator

Mini refrigerators have paved their way to our apartments, dorm rooms, RVs and cars. They are the perfect solutions to space problems. Sometimes, big refrigerators are overrated. You don’t really need such a huge space to store food. Since food perishes quickly, they come and go inside the fridge.

Many people who are on a diet also use mini refrigerators as well. This machine will allow them to prevent storing unnecessary amount of food. Moreover, it allows the consumer to prevent buying in bulk. If you can’t consume them all, you have to avoid buying in bulk refrigerator repair pasadena.

Your mini fridge will not last long without proper care and maintenance. See to it that it is working well all the time. Here are a few maintenance tips you would want to use:

1. Remove perished goods. One of the ways to organize your fridge is to use see-through containers. You can also try labelling your food. Indicate the date of preparation so you will know if it has already perished or not. That way, you can easily throw out the things you no longer need.

2. According to experts, it is really not necessary to turn it off if you want to clean it. If you want extra lighting inside the fridge, don’t unplug or remove the mini fridge from its water source.

To clean it, remove the contents. Also remove the shelves or removable compartments. Clean the compartments in soapy water. Make sure you remove crusty stains as they can become a breeding ground for germs and bacteria.

Mix dishwashing liquid with distilled water. Use a small sponge and the cleaning mixture to wipe the interior of the mini fridge. Wipe the prime and the sides of the machine. Get rid of crumbs or crusty stains. Soak the sponge in clean water and wipe the interior once again. This will rinse out lingering soap bubbles in the fridge interior. Dry it up with a clean dish rag. Make sure you also wipe the bulb to get rid of frost.

3. Cut one lemon into wedges and place the wedges at the back compartments of the fridge. This will help neutralize unwanted odor inside. It will deodorize your refrigerator.

4. Clean the coils of the machine. Use a shop vacuum cleaner to get rid of the accumulated dirt and dust particles. This will make sure that the machine will exhaust hot air effectively.

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