Maintenance of a Glass Washing Machine

Maintenance of glass washing machine

After long time using, glass washing machine will be wore, polluted and loss utility. So we should maintenance and repair them, according to normal procedure, in certain period of the cycle to recover its function and action. There are no such maintenance articles for glass washing machine at present, so we will list all of the maintenance procedures for glass washing machine.

The maintenance for glass washing machine should pay attention to six aspects:

1. Washing machine lubrication

2. Calibration for transfer rollers

3. Adjustment for brusher height

4. Cleaning for water tank and tray

5. Nozzle cleaning

6. Adjustment to air knife in drying section

Washing machine lubrication

To prevent gear damage which is caused by excessive wear to equipment washer repair los angeles, the glass washing machine must be properly lubricated. By means of choosing good mechanical oil that features of well stability and adhesion, operators would do lubrication work to the key pieces (drive chain, helical gears and shafts) in equipment.

Use plastic sheeting to isolate the parts that will be lubricated and cleaning areas to avoid oil pollution.

I Do lubrication to chain, gear, the joint surface of shaft roller chain and chain plate.

Do uniform lubrication to drive chain and conveying rollers.

Use clean cotton cloth to wipe off the redundant grease.

Calibration for transfer rollers

The lower rollers of glass washing machine are fixed and they are driven by shaft gear transmission system and the height of upper rollers, their ends are fixed by two lubricated bearings, can be adjusted and turn freely,which design can ensure glass strength evenly and transmit smoothly. Generally speaking, workers should check regularly the horizontal and vertical level of gear. As after a period of time of using bearings, the wear clearance will increase and these problem can lead to the ends of upper conveying rollers are unbalanced and cause the original glass sheet to occur deflection in transmission, in response to these phenomenon, we install the fixed plate clip to the equipment and regularly measure roller height charges and calibrate or replace the roller bearings to adjust the compression strength.

Adjustment for brusher height

Glass washing machine major use the brushes to clean original glass sheets, in operation process, operators often add liquid polishes to guarantee the effective polish and remove stubborn stains. In order to let the brushes can do effective rolling polishing we always set the height of brush tippy at the position of 1.5 mm below the surface of glass. Along with the wearing of brushes, we need to reduce the height of brush regularly to ensure the cleaning quality.

Cleaning for water tank and tray

The glass washing machine adopts level 3 circulating water to gradually clean glass and under the washing-drying section, there are three independent tanks and wet pan to store cleaning water. As the water also will be polluted in cleaning process and some polishes or other dirt will be gradually deposited in tanks, workers need to wash them regularly to ensure water quality cleaning.

Water pipe cleaning

If we found there have some block phenomenon in water pipes in operation process, we shall promptly dredge them and adjust the concentrations of liquid polishes we used. (Note: the more polishes concentration, the more likely to appear clogged)

Cleaning steps to water pipes as below:

1. To remove block edition and rise upper rollers and shut off the power and supply valves.

2. Loosen the retaining bolt that are installed at both ends of water pipes and remove the nozzle.

3. By means of high-pressure water cannons, feed the pure water into water pipes and form water pressure in it and then observe each nozzle and use clips to do dredge.

4. After finishing the cleaning of the water pipes, install them back and tighten bolts. Please note that the direction of nozzle remain the same as before wash.

Adjustment for air knife in drying section

The water in last tank in glass washing machine is highly purified water which after heat treatment (temperature about 45┃) and water spots attached on the surface of glass, under the strong wind action of air knife, when they pass though drying section, will be blow away or evaporated. As air knife and glass plane form certain acute angle, every time disassembling air knife or change their position we should pay attention to measure its angle and remain unchanged when install them back.

1. To clean the dirt, glass pieces, tags and clip paper in drying section and use clean cotton to wipe the air knife, rollers and other parts to ensure cleanness.

2. Let workers to disassemble primary filter plates and secondary filter bags which are installed in blower and blow them with compressed air and blow out dust and check if there some damage or blocking things in it and replace them regularly.

3. Clean to air knife incision and check if there are some fiber waits to block air knife.

By means of carefully maintaining and repairing the glass washing machine according to above procedures, under the normal process circumstances, we can greatly ensure the cleaning effect to raw glass and guarantee the quality of glass products.

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