About Modern Fridge Freezers

In the context of modern hectic lifestyle fridge freezers have become absolutely necessary for the household. Families find very little time for daily shopping and consequently week-end shopping becomes the rule. Buying and preserving large quantity of food and beverages become necessary. The role of this freezer is very crucial to stock perishable items for longer periods. Refrigerators with small freezer compartments are not sufficient for the purpose. A combination of fridge and freezer will be the apt solution.

There are mainly two types of fridge freezers available in the markets. In some models freezer will be mounted on the top of fridge and in others both are installed side by side. Consumers prefer either of the two depending on the space available to install it in their homes. Capacity of the facility is of utmost importance and the consumers have to assess the required capacity before choosing one. Similarly they have to take into account the quantity of frozen foods to be stored. It is to be understood that the refrigerator maintain temperature above the freezing point where as freezer maintain it below freezing point. Cooked food and beverages are stored in the refrigerator and frozen foods and vegetable are to be stored in the freezer maytag refrigerator repair los angeles.

Modern fridges have many new features like temperature warning system, self closing doors, touch screen controls and LCD displays. Adjustable shelves, transparent chambers and water dispensers with external access are also provided. Separate chambers are provided to store eggs, vegetable and diary products to avoid cross contamination. Energy rating is very important. It is a statutory obligation on the part of manufacturers. Further consumers are very particular about reducing energy consumption and insist on energy labels. Remote controls and child safety locks are provided in some models of the latest freezers.

A fridge freezer is an expensive commodity. Consumer should take care to maintain it properly. Defrosting is an important task to be carried out regularly. Now a days most of the units have automatic defrosting mechanisms. Food items should be properly covered in plastic or foils while storing them in the freezers. Regular cleaning of spilled food is essential. Unclean interior of a fridge will become breeding place for bacteria. Contaminated food will cause bad odour inside the fridges. Consumers are advised to go through the instruction manual supplied by the manufactures. Improper cleaning and bad maintenance may lead to periodical breakdowns. Negligence on the part of users will cause avoidable expenditure for repairs etc. Further periodical repairs will adversely affect the durability of the product. The freezers work smoothly without serious problems if maintain properly. In fact maintenance cost of this freezer is negligible when compared to other domestic appliances.

Many branded products with sophisticated features are being introduced by renowned manufacturers. Separate pumps for fridge and freezer, auto defrost, dynamic cooling and humidity control are some of the features incorporated in the modern products. They are also provided with energy labels and are free from ozone depleting CFC. In conformity with the universal concern for environment, latest freezers are eco-friendly and energy efficient. Special insulation techniques, innovative temperature control systems, separate thermostat for fridge and freezer are other features that make modern products more economical and consumer friendly. Reversible doors, temperature warning alarm, simple operating systems are also commendable features of the latest models.

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