About Modern Fridge Freezers

In the context of modern hectic lifestyle fridge freezers have become absolutely necessary for the household. Families find very little time for daily shopping and consequently week-end shopping becomes the rule. Buying and preserving large quantity of food and beverages become necessary. The role of this freezer is very crucial to stock perishable items for […]

Appliance Repair Problems Are on the Rise, Are You Prepared?

You have a doctor to call for illnesses, a mechanic to call for car trouble, and a dentist to call for toothaches. So how is it, that with a houseful of modern-day appliances you depend on around the clock, you don’t have a clue who to call when one of them breaks down? It’s time […]

Pointers In Repairing Your Refrigerator

As simple as maintaining your refrigerator from time to time can save you a great deal of money from expensive electricity bills and costly damage repairs. With some easy pointers, you can forego calling your repairman and keep your refrigerator in good running condition. It seems unimaginable living in a house without a refrigerator. Most […]

Maintenance of a Glass Washing Machine

Maintenance of glass washing machine After long time using, glass washing machine will be wore, polluted and loss utility. So we should maintenance and repair them, according to normal procedure, in certain period of the cycle to recover its function and action. There are no such maintenance articles for glass washing machine at present, so […]